Customer Solutions

Wind Power

WGL Energy Wind Power is independently verified by Green-e Energy

Customers that purchase their electricity from WGL Energy can easily reduce their carbon footprint through purchasing wind power produced from either regional or national wind farms. In addition to reducing one’s carbon footprint, wind power displaces conventional power and helps eliminate air pollution problems such as smog and acid rain. WGL Energy matches wind power to customers’ electricity usage – a 5 percent match for residential customers and a 3.5 percent match for small commercial customers. We also provide the option of increasing these baseline percentages to 100 percent.

So how does it work? For every unit of wind power the customer consumes, WGL Energy purchases the same exact number of wind energy credits and enters these into electronic tracking/accounting systems such as GATS. WGL Energy carefully tracks the electricity consumption of wind power customers in order to match green power demand with supply. Once a wind energy credit (also known as a Renewable Energy Credit, or REC) is “retired” in a tracking system, it is impossible for that wind energy credit to be used again. Independent verification of our wind power is provided by Green-e Energy, the nation’s leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy.

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