Customer Solutions

Carbon Offsets

Natural gas – abundant, affordable, safe, reliable, clean, and modern energy

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. But its use still leaves a carbon footprint. WGL Energy invests in carbon offsets on our customers’ behalf to reduce that footprint and directly benefit local environments. Our carbon offsets are purchased from certified efficient transportation and landfill gas capture and destruction projects. WGL Energy also funds future carbon-reducing activities, such as tree plantings. It’s our way of offering our customers an enhanced natural gas product and committing to cleaner air and water in our region. Through our partnerships with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), a portion of all offsets purchased, support the development of future clean air and water projects via the Carbon Reduction Funds in the Chesapeake Bay region and throughout Pennsylvania.

Carbon offsets help counterbalance, or “offset”, part of a customer’s carbon footprint. WGL Energy matches locally-sourced carbon offsets to customers’ natural gas usage – a 5 percent match for residential customers and a 3.5 percent match for small commercial customers. We also provide the option of increasing these baseline percentages to 100 percent, meaning customers can offset all of their natural gas use and achieve a net-zero emissions balance.

Matching residential customers carbon offsets 100% is equivalent to planting 19 trees that grow for 30 years.

Matching small commercial customers carbon offsets 100% is equivalent to planting 76 trees that grow for 30 years.