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    Reduce the Commute

One of our most successful employee engagement initiatives campaigns

One of the most successful employee engagement initiatives has been the "Reduce the Commute" campaign, which encourages employees to telework and flexwork. The Washington, D.C. metro area has some of the worst road congestion in the country. On average 76% of D.C. area commuters drive to work in private vehicles, while 14.8% take public transportation.

Furthermore, D.C. area residents have an average commute time of 35 minutes, ranking the second highest in the country. Since the telework and flexwork policy was rolled out in the spring of 2010, over 110 employees have taken advantage of the program. Additionally, the program results in reducing fuel consumption by more than 9,000 gallons annually and alleviating the region's traffic problems by saving about 200,000 commuter miles per year.

Over 1,560,000 commuter miles avoided since 2010
Over 70,000 gallons of fuel saved since 2010
Over 28,600 commutes avoided since 2010