• Customer Solutions


WGL owns, operates and manages a variety of solar system solutions for our commercial, government and residential customers.

These solutions provide a clean, distributed source of power to sites across the United States, from city rooftops to rural farmland. WGL’s subsidiary, WGL Energy, has over 85 commercial-scale solar projects in operation or under construction, totaling over 102 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable power. Our customers purchase the renewable power through Power Purchase Agreements, providing them access to renewable energy without all the upfront and operational costs.

Beyond commercial and government, WGL Energy manages mass market solar and renewable energy investments across the United States. Working with leading renewable energy companies, such as American Solar Direct and Skyline Innovations, WGL Energy is offering an array of clean energy answers for residential and commercial customers. Whether it is solar photovoltaics, solar thermal or hybrid solar systems, WGL Energy is providing environmentally solutions that fit our customers’ needs.

Over 85 solar projects in operation or under construction